Capacitive Proximity Sensor

  • Long life cycle and high reliability.
  • AC Make (NO)
  • 2~15mm Sensing Distance
  • Wide range of applications, for replacement of
    Micro switch, Limit switch

Technical Data

FunctionAC Make (NO)
Detecting Distance2-15mm Adjustable
Switching HysteresisMax. 15% of Sr
Standard Detecting Target18 x 18 x 1mm (Iron)
Setting Distance2-15mm ± 10%
Power Supply (Operating Voltage)20-250VAC
Current Consumption<2.5mA
Response Frequency20 Hz
Residual VoltageMax. 9V at 400mA
Temperature Drift±10% Max. of detecting distance at +20ºC within temperature range of –25 to +70ºC
Control Output400mA
Connection TypeCable 2mtr.
Housing TypeCylindrical Threaded (1mm), 18mm dia, length 80mm
Housing MaterialPBT Resin
Vibration & Shock1mm amplitude at frequency of 10 to 55Hz in each of X, Y, Z directions for 2 hours 500m/s squared (50G) in X, Y,Z direction for 3 times
IndicatorOperating indicator (RED LED)
Ambient Temperature–25 to +70ºC (non–freezing condition)
Storage Temperature–30 to +80ºC (non-freezing condition)
Ambient Humidity35 to 95% RH
Protection CircuitOver Current Protection
WeightApprox. 92g

Dimension Drawing

Connection Diagram